Sarah B. Raines, MS, NCC, CCMC, LPCA

Owner and Therapist


I am passionate about my clients.  Our therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance to me.  Below (and in the tabs above) you can read all about my schooling, my experience, and my trainings, but what I would like to tell you is that if you feel unheard, unvalidated, and overall unsatisfied with your life right now, I offer hope.  I offer understanding and genuine compassion.  I offer my un-divided and non-judgemental attention.  And I sincerely believe that goodness can evolve from some of our darkest hours.

I enjoy teaching people skills that allow them to regulate their emotions and find contentment.  Using metaphors to open up new ways of thinking is one of my favorite ways to help clients work through difficult emotions.  We'll use guided imagery and meditation to help bring you stress relief.  Call me and let's chat about what your needs are and how I can help.  

I adore working with adolescents navigate the turmoils of independence vs. dependence.  I have trained in the Gottman Couple's Therapy model and have seen, firsthand, how powerful these interventions can be for a relationship.  And working with the queer population is at the heart of my therapeutic work.  Specifically, queer couples and/or families who are navigating the mostly uncharted territory of parenthood.  I have trained with some of the most inspirational people in the perinatal field.  When I combine my passion for the queer community with my Gottman Couples Therapy techniques and my internationally recognized pre-and-postnatal training, a unique and powerful style of therapy emerges.  Call me and we can chat more about what I can offer you and/or your family.   



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