Parenting Classes

Whether you are a single parent, married couple, blended family, or going through a divorce, I am here to help you and your family. 


Parenting Classes provide a way to learn new tactics to apply to children to help them develop. We teach effective ways to redirect your child’s behavior as well as focus on basic ways to build parenting skills. A common theme for parenting classes is to positively reinforce children instead of teaching only through punishment.


Parents, guardians, and caregivers will learn to avoid power struggles while helping their children to learn self-control and self-discipline.


Available topics include, but are not limited to:

Positive Parenting: Each stage has its challenges. Learn how to help your child develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation & problem-solving skills.  Learn how to build respectful relationships with yourself, your partner, and your children.


How to Talk so Kids will Listen; How to Listen so Kids will Talk: This course will teach participants how to listen to, and understand your child’s concerns, how to encourage cooperation without nagging, find alternatives to punishment and help children to develop a positive self-image.


Siblings without Rivalry: Put your kids on the same team so you can live in peace! Learn simple but effective techniques to promote cooperation instead of competition.


Raising a Confident Child: Learn practical tips that nurture your child’s self-confidence. Pave the way for healthy decision-making as the perilous tween/teen years approach.


Positive Solutions for Managing Anger: Anger is a normal human emotion however can be damaging if not managed. Learn how to avoid common traps and identify triggers to your anger and that of your kids so you can have less shouting and more sharing.


Fewer Power Struggles, More Peace: Power struggles between you and your child can happen at any age and over any thing. Learn how to spend more time getting along and less time struggling (special attention paid to bedtime, morning, and mealtime routines).


Homework Strategies and Study Skills: Where’s the boundary between helping them and doing it for them? Learn how to tame the homework monster and to teach your child/ren to break down tasks into manageable bites and take responsibility for their schoolwork.


Allowances, Chores and Money Skills: Money management is a key life skill. Come for some great ideas on how to explain earning money, wants versus needs, setting money goals, budgeting and making a savings plan.


Internet Use and Safety: Your child’s best online protection is you. We’ll talk about typical online behaviour by age group and practical tips to help parents monitor internet usage and educate their child/ren about safe internet practices.


Teen Turmoil. How to Cope: Sometimes it is hard to understand where your teen is coming from, but particularly in this perilous time of transition, it is absolutely essential to keep the lines of communication open and the support at the ready. Learn how to listen to your teenager and when to intervene and when to give them space.


Emotional Intelligence: Understand your and your children’s emotional capabilities. Learn how to understand your child’s perspective, encourage individual expression, listen to your child’s feelings, teach problem solving and use play to help children make sense of their emotions. 


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